Refurbishments and Closures at Walt Disney World



Magic Kingdom Park

  • Fantasyland ConstructionConstruction wall photos
    • Pooh’s Playful Spot playground closes 4/12/2010
    • Ariel’s Grotto Character meet and greet closes 4/12/2010. Ariel can be seen in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade and the SpectroMagic parade at Magic Kingdom, also at the Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
    • Scuttle’s Landing snack location closes 4/12/2010.
    • Winnie the Pooh and Friends will appear next to the train station in Mickey’s Toontown Fair for meet and greets. 4/13-5/8/2010
    • Starting 5/9 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger will appear in Town Square on Main Street for meet and greets.
    • Please check back for updates as we receive them.
  • Exposition Hall – closes 4/2/10- The Storytime Experience moves to Epcot, Walt Disney Story Theatre closes to accomodate future meet and greet experiences. The rest of Exposition Hall will remain open.
  • It’s a Small World – closed 08/1/10 – 10/22/10

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Sounds Dangerous– operates seasonally
  • Star Tours– closes for rehab 9/8/2010
  • Power Rangers leaving Disney.  They have been sold back to original owner.  They will be appearing through August 7.

Disney’s Wide World of Sports

  • Sports Experience suspended indefinitely – Note that all sporting events are operating as usual.

Water Parks

  • Blizzard Beach- Teamboat Springs closed 3/24/10 – 05/31/10

Downtown Disney

  • The former Virgin Mega Store – temporary location of the new store RIDEMAKERZ.

Disney’s Golf Courses

Disney’s Palm Golf Course6/1/10-6/10/10 closed Tuesdays only 6/22/10-7/27/10

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course5/24/10-6/3/10 closed Wednesdays only 6/23/10-7/28/10

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Course– 5/17/10-5/27/10 also closed Mondays only 6/21/10-7/26/10

Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course- 6/7/10-6/17/10 closed Thursdays only 6/24/10-7/29/10

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course- 6/14/10-6/20/10


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