“I’m Going to Disney World!”

9 02 2011

On Monday afternoon, the Super Bowl MVP, was honored in a ticker tape parade that marched down Main Street USA.  Just a few short hours after winning Super Bowl XLV 31-25 against the Pittsburgh Steeles and proclaiming “I’m goig to Disney World!,” Aaron Rodgers’ was sitting on the back of a Chevy Camaro convertible (the same kind of car he won for being the Superbowl MVP) with Mickey Mouse waving to fans at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.

The proclamation is now the 44th time it has been used in the “I’m going to Disney World!” promotion.  Disney World released the following statement regarding it:

Rodgers’ pronouncement, part of the production for one of TV’s most enduring and celebrated commercials, was captured after the Packers’ 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers – a game during which he completed 24 passes for 304 yards and three touchdowns. It added up to be a catalyst for the Packers’ first Super Bowl celebration since 1997 and fourth all-time.

This latest commercial is the 44th of a series that began in 1987 following Super Bowl XXI. The first “I’m going to Disney World” commercial, featuring New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, was regarded as a groundbreaking concept – a produced national commercial involving a current event, airing on major networks within hours of its conclusion. Rodgers joins a lineup of people from sports and beyond who have celebrated milestone accomplishments in “I’m going to Disney World” commercials.

Throughout the parade, which started an hour and a half late due to Rodgers’ delayed flight, he had a permanent smile on his face.  “It’s a special day, it really is,” the quarterback said after the parade. “I didn’t get a lot of sleep (Sunday) night, but it’s great to be able to celebrate. This is a team that came together and accomplished something special.”

What made the day even more special was that Rodgers, a native of California, had never been to Walt Disney World in Florida — only Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  After the parade, Rodgers posed for photos with the Mickey and the gang then took a bite of block of cheese which was in the shape of the Packers logo!  After spending the afternoon at Disney, Rodgers hopped on a flight to New York City and appeared on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

What was Rodgers looking forward to the most? “I mean, honestly, just sleeping in. I’m a homebody. I don’t do a whole lot. I like to, you know there’s a couple of events I like to go to in the off season, Kentucky Derby, the ESPY Award Show, and a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. But I’m just looking forward to relaxing and getting some much needed rest.”




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